Dienstag, 13. März 2012

watched a good year

Some days ago I watched a really good movie.
I have already seen it one time, something about a year ago, and loved it since then.

The movie is called "A Good Year"

Fine fine little film, light hearted, funny and perfect for a spring and summer night.
Of course the spring here is still letting us wait for it... ;)

The story itself  is really nothing new: guy with a good heart becomes a kind of a bastard when he is grown up, finds then himself confronted with his old life and gets a good guy again. Oh and there is also kind of a love story involved. ;)

This one little movie, which is not so little at all, if you consider the actors and the one who made the movie: Ridley Scott af "Alien", "Blade Runner" and "Gladiator" fame is the director, Russel Crowe the main character (the two of the obviosuly have a good going with each other ;) ), and there are a lot of other famous actors in it too, is so nicely filmed and so beautifully presented. And this love story is really touching, you can feel with the characters and understand them. And it is really funny too. The English vs. the French and vice versa: a love-hate story. ;)
Go see it, and you know what I mean. ;)

I doubt that a lot of people have seen this movie or heard of it, I really don't know why, but obviously it was kind of a failure at the box office and also failed the critics...

Which is so sad, and I really don't understand this. I would really recommend to see this movie!
The director and the actors really knew what they were doing and they did it really well, you can see that they are having fun and feel the characters and make you root for them, which is not at all a matter of course, when you see some of the really bad big blockbuster movies... Not that they are all bad, I also love a good blockbuster movie, if the story is right.

Which leads me back to the story: the love story is not only about a woman, but life itself, love of life and of one's self and happiness.
I also really loved the score, the soundtrack of a perfect summer day.